Cambridge Analytica & Facebook Haven’t Done Anything Wrong. Here’s Why.

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Alright so now, after years and years of speculation and conspiracy theories that companies do use our personal data for their benefit — now it has become official. And now that it has become official everyone is after Cambridge Analytica, Facebook & Mark Zuckerberg.

But seriously — what is the big deal?
Why all the fuss?
Why is everyone acting as if ONLY Facebook has violated our privacy?
Why is everyone acting so shocked & surprised that Cambridge Analytica has committed this act — when the fact is Google, Yahoo, Bing, Microsoft, Apple, every government on this planet, every email service provider & every company, government & individual online is doing the same thing?

Please explain to me how is Amazon able to give me recommendations of exactly whatever books I like?

How is google able to give me THE EXACT suggestion when I didn’t even start typing more than 2 alphabets?

How in the world does the Internet know that I have an iMac & I didn’t install a particular app or program?

Look my dear friend — the only reason EVERYONE on the planet has decided to crucify Facebook & Mark Zuckerberg is because:

    Mark Zuckerberg has a net worth of USD $61,300,000,000. And that is a lot of FREE money that anyone who can possibly sue him can get FOR FREE.
    If you and I do not sue Mark Zuckerberg now — we will never ever in the history of our generation get this opportunity again. So that is why everyone is jumping in to get a piece of the pie
    Amazon is doing it, Google is doing it, Apple is doing it. However, no one has evidence against them. So why let go of the “catch-of-the-day”?
    Now that Amazon, Google, Apple and everyone has found out that this is become a big issue — everyone else started to clean up their act. Why do you think we received a super long 100 pages long new updated user agreement (Which no one reads but clicks “I agree”)
    Here’s what you need to understand. This whole thing wasn’t targeted at Mark Zuckerberg. It wasn’t even about using our private details. It was actually a political war. A war targeted at trapping Donald Trump and destroying him. And that is what lead to the discovery of Cambridge Analytica. After all — the mysterious question remained — how in the world did Donald Trump succeed? Was he such a great visionary? Did he really such a powerful charisma? What was his incredible secret that made him hit the right note, at the right time with the right people? This detective work lead to Cambridge Analytica. Which in turn lead to Facebook. And that in turn lead to Mark Zuckerberg. Now even though no one hates Mark Zuckerberg — the world cannot leave him out of this trap. Because if you say — its okay, leave Mark alone. Then shouldn’t it be okay to leave Donald Trump alone? So with great regret & pain — well Mark Zuckerberg got himself entangled with the wrong guy.

So now what?

Well — everyone is going to jump into the bandwagon to get a slice of the pie, a piece of the action and nice cut of the bonus. And that is why all of a sudden all the women who once shagged Donald Trump — who were perfectly happy and content with their lives — have suddenly resurfaced with the realization “Oh we are women. We deserve respect. We have been violated! Yes #metoo movement! Long live women!”

It is so hilarious to see Porn Stars & women who can sleep around with rich married men suddenly have tears of pain & genuine self-respect in their eyes. Listening to their heartfelt stories — Makes me shed a tear from my ear.

Its very evident that all the powers that are, have united together to teach Donald Trump a lesson. He embarrassed too many powerful people, he insulted too many political heads & he pissed off a lot of old-timers. And when someone’s ego, pride & self-respect has been violated — they will not keep quiet. In fact, when someone whom you insult, embarrass and gloat over again and again and again — and they keep quiet — you should be very very very very afraid. Donald Trump assumed he had the last laugh. Sadly, he got carried away with his own success.

Personally, I do not see this battle ending soon. I absolutely know that everyone Donald Trump insulted, defeated, mocked or humiliated will go all out to ensure he is made an example off. And they will not stop until he is completely destroyed. And sadly and tragically, Mark Zuckerberg being caught in the crossfire will also pay the price for being an unfortunate element in a war he seriously wasn’t a part off.

Let’s stop acting so dumb my friends.
This data manipulation, privacy violation & selling our personal data has been going on for ages and ages and ages. After all — what did you assume? You are getting Email services, online games, 1TB cloud storage, Tons of Free Videos, Social Networking benefits, Free Video Messaging & Messaging services because there are Charitable & Generous Souls who love & care for you and me?

Are you that gullible?

Tell me this much

If no one is prepared to lend you a $10 when you are in need, you think this thousands of dollars worth of free digital & online privileges were FOR FREE?


There is no such thing as a free lunch my friend.
You are using all these privileges in exchange for something.
Now it is up to you to decide — you still want the FREE stuff or not?
If not — better quit the Internet world all together and go to the good old days where there was no internet, no smartphone, no emails, no messaging & no free entertainment.

Maybe it is time for us to go back to being a farmer with our buffalos in their hot fields. After all — why do you think I gave my fast & furious life in Dubai and now stay in a forest, all alone, away from civilization in Koh Samui, Thailand?

And oh one more thing — everything on my social media is open.
Check whatever you like, sell whatever data you want and share all my content for free.

End of the day, I know I am using a FREE service that is saving me hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. Why not give them what they want also?

Loy Machedo

Written by

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