Bill Gates Reads 60 Books A Year….Er… So?

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The other one of the members in my whatsapp group asked me this rather strange question “Bill Gates reads 60 books a year. What do you think?”

I read the question, I thought about it. And then I responded — “What connection does Bill Gates reading 60 books have to do with either you or me?”

To which he told me about a paid advert trending on Facebook about “CEO’s read 60 books a year. So should you also read an average of 60 books a year?”

Now this is the problem with people, they read something online or watch some youtube video or listen to some talk and then they literally buy into that claim.

Now here’s what I made him understand:

  1. Bill Gates who is currently around 62 years old is worth around USD $91 Billion Dollars. If I had USD $91 Billion Dollars in my bank account at the age of 60, even I wouldn’t mind relaxing and reading only books. And forget 60 books per year, I would push to read 600 books a year if I could
  2. Bill Gates is the Principle Founder of Microsoft — which is a global & iconic brand. And he is and will be considered as a legend of our times. Me and you are Mr. Nothing and Mr. Nobody. We have work cut out for us
  3. Bill Gates most probably started reading all these books in the luxury of his house AFTER he accomplished whatever it is he set out to do. Me and you haven’t achieved even 10% of what we are suppose to do.
  4. We (at least I) do not have any financial security, no financial stability and no financial guarantee that can last me for a lifetime.
  5. Since when did anyone find it right to compare themselves to anyone else? I mean, what in the world happened to the theory “We are all unique & different?”

The problem is the way today’s advertisements are communicated, the manner & method in which information is presented to us and the what we are indirectly being told is in most cases a lie.

Remember — If you read 60 books a year, you will not become become anything like Bill Gates. And making the argument that since Bill Gates reads 60 books, you should also — is as illogical as assuming starting a software company in USA will give you a best chance of becoming the next Billionaire.

End of the day, lets understand one thing — if Bill Gates did read 60 books a year. And then everyone on the planet — the 7 Billion people would also read 60 books a year — what would happened next?

I suppose Jeff Bezos would become even more richer — isn’t it?

Loy Machedo

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