Best Answer I Ever Gave A Group Of Youngsters….

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I have few whatsapp, LINE & facebook groups where there are roughly 200 to 20,000 members in each (the max. on a whatsapp group is 256). And I receive over 100 messages in these groups. Most of the time all that goes left & right is nothing but rubbish. From the infamous “good morning” jpeg images to the motivational crap that people want to forward each other.

However, the most entertaining and ridiculous moment is when people literally start fighting (can you call it verbally?) with each other. And then it escalates to F*&K your XYZ and *&^%@ laced expletives.

Once a while I scroll through them out of sheer boredom to entertain myself.

Trust me when I say this… it is funny to watch these 13 year old threaten to “kill” or “destroy” the other person….. when they each 1,000’s of miles apart… and when after a few minutes when Daddy calls, they have to obediently go and do the dishes.

So it was during one of such exchanges these young lads (and girls) were acting all high & mighty giving sermon sounding lectures….when I finally typed this….

Career = ZERO
Money in Bank = ZERO
Money in Hand = ZERO
Things to do = ZERO
Priority List = ZERO
Business plan = ZERO
Education goals = ZERO
Whatsapp, Facebook & Quora = KEYBOARD WARRIOR LEVEL HERO

Once I did this….
My entire group went silent.
No one…and I mean NO ONE gave legendary lectures after that.

Try doing it sometimes….
Might just work wonders…

Loy Machedo

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