Being a 1st Time Father — Month 7, Here are 13 moments.

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  1. My wife keeps asking me to ‘kiss baby’. So I have to kiss her tummy every day at least 3 times. Even when I am having a creative moment in solitude.
  2. When I am about to sleep, my wife asks me to ‘touch baby’. And then she proceeds to take my hand and put on the location of her tummy where apparently the baby is now present.
    I am still sacred of hurting the baby by pressing too hard.
  3. Sometimes my wifey places my hand on her tummy and then I literally feel the baby move.
    Feels like an Alien inside.
    Reminds me of the Alien movie franchise.
    I wonder if my baby can read my thoughts?
  4. My wifey keeps asking me if her tummy has more stretch marks. I try to be diplomatic about it.
  5. My wifey has started to wear my boxer shorts — the same ones I used to wear when I was 33kgs over-weight. (I had my bariatric surgery 6 months ago and lost all the weight).
    Apparently she loves them and finds them very comfortable.
    Luckily I purchased 10 extra pairs.
    All packed & unused.
    Now, she gets to use them.
  6. My wifey keeps looking in the mirror asking me if she looks fat and ugly.
    I have to keep reminding her she looks round & cute.
  7. My wifey keeps bouncing new names & potential names for our baby. As of now I am happy with Loy Busubabam Machedo. (Yup, I know, its strange).
  8. My wifey keeps sharing posts of baby products, baby clothes & baby offers to keep me abreast of the latest offers.
  9. Whenever I want to have sex, I’m in two minds — should I or shouldn’t I? Before it was pretty easy.
    Now I keep wondering… and wondering… and wondering.
    By the time something comes up and then I get back to work.
  10. My wifey and all the dogs in the house sleep near her tummy, beside her tummy and on top of her tummy (the puppies). On top of that she is also lying on top of many pillows to keep her comfortable. I guess everyone’s happy.
    When I sleep — don’t touch me, come close to me or even make a sound.
    Yeah I know…good luck with that once the baby is born….
  11. My wifey keeps telling me about how once the baby is born we will go out together as a family, we will go shopping together, we will watch movies together and we will do things together. I am primarily worried about the bills, the future and the health of both the mother and the baby
  12. My wifey makes 10,000 plans and predictions about the future.
    I smile and keep quiet.
    I mentally & emotionally keep myself prepared for the worst. Anything can happen — from sickness to an accident to death.
    But I don’t share it with my wifey.
  13. My wifey lets me know she wants the baby to look like me, have my nose, my eyes, my brains and my personality.
    I on the other hand have no idea what am I supposed to do as the child’s Father. I want to be a good role model & do my job well. But not sure if I am going to do a good job.
    I just keep my insecurities to myself

Loy Machedo

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