Avengers: Infinity War — What I Hated about the movie (MEGA SPOILER REVIEW)

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What I loved about this movie

  • The Editing was flawless throughout the movie
  • The chemistry between Rocket Racoon & Thor on one hand & Ironman & Starlord,
  • The balance between all characters & the appropriate screen time that everyone shared.
  • The dialogue & argument between Starlord & Thor
  • The dialogue & argument between Starlord & Ironman
  • Vision & Hulk — who were supposed to be the most powerful — prove to be the weakest in this movie
  • Thor gets a new weapon — the Stormbreaker courtesy Groot & Eitri which can apparently kill Thanos
  • The manner in which Thanos rewinds time to get the stone from Vision
  • Stan Lee makes his usual cameo appearance in the film

Characters who die in this movie:

  • Heimdell
  • Dr. Strange
  • Vision
  • Wanda Maximoff
  • Spiderman
  • Black Panther
  • Bucky Barnes
  • Gamora
  • Groot
  • Drax the Destroyer
  • Mantis
  • Sam Wilson
  • Night Fury
  • Maria Hill

Unexpected bits in the movie

  • Hulk actually gets bashed up by Thanos and is scared to fight! Can you believe this!!!
  • The manner in which Thanos kills Loki & Gamora was a sight to behold!
  • Red Skull makes a surprising cameo

The amazing battle scenes which you must watch again and again and again…..

  • Vision & Wanda Maximoff fight against Proxima Midnight & Corvus Glaive
  • Ironman, Strange, Wong, Spiderman versus Ebony Maw & Cull Obsidion
  • Iron-Man, Dr. Strange, Spiderman fight against Star Lord, Drax, Racoon & Mantis
  • The Main Battle on Wakanda versus the battle with Thanos versus Ironman, Strange, Spiderman, Drax & Mantis

Most amazing bit about this movie:

  • The manner in which Ironman, Spiderman, Mantis, Dr. Strange, Starlord & Drax nearly defeat Thanos


What I felt was stupid

  • Hulk acting like a child and refusing to fight or come out of Banner
  • Bruce Banner in Hulk Buster
  • Dr. Strange surrenders the time stone to Thanos in exchange for Stark’s life.
  • The silly humor when Starlord tried to kill Gomora & when Gomora tried to kill herself — turning the weapon into bubbles
  • Spiderman’s suit was bit cartoonish.
  • Ironman’s suit was over the top silly & cartoonish
  • Pepper Potts, The Collector, War Machine, Wong & Black Widow didn’t do anything worthwhile or important in this movie
  • Loki & Heimdall die too soon. At least Loki had something worthwhile. But Heimdall apart from sending the Hulk back to earth — didn’t do anything much.
  • Most of the cast who acted in Black Panther were all extras in the movie

My thoughts about what I didn’t like or what I had mixed feelings about…

  • I was a bit disappointed with the manner Hulk was portrayed
  • There is a danger of having all the characters being portrayed on screen by just 2 directors
  • If you haven’t watched the previous Marvel movies — you will not understand this movie
  • The movie has more action than you can ask for. For a normal first time viewer — it wouldn’t make sense but for a hardcore Marvel fan — each and every fight sequence has meaning.

Overall Thoughts

  • Great dialogues
  • Apt Humor
  • Really dark at theme
  • Brilliant transition from one war to another from one scene to another
  • Fantastic editing
  • Beautiful choreographed action
  • The biggest shocker was that those heroes we assumed were invinsible were actually the weakest in this movie
  • Chris Pratt fat
  • Thanos is the greatest character in this movie with strong value system
  • Transition is impeccable
  • Peter Dinklage is a giant in this movie
  • The war scene was truly amazing & breathtaking
  • Battle sequence perfect
  • Tons of action
  • Ending was its absolute best. It was so well done — now the entire world will be waiting to see part 2!


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