“An Idiot” Is The Answer To My Question…..

Loy Machedo
5 min readJul 31, 2018

Situation Number 1

Imagine this.

A 6 foot 3 inches guy weighing 130kgs of pure muscle, who is a professional fighter, someone who has knocked down his opponents & send them to the hospital is sitting down and relaxing with his family. His nickname is “The world’s most dangerous man”.

Now, I ask you to go to up to this man and abuse him, insult & threaten his family and challenge him to beat you up. Do you think you would do that?

No seriously — do you think you would have the balls to do it?

Doesn’t this sound absolutely illogical?
Then why am I asking you this illogical question?

Read on.

Situation Number 2

Imagine this.

A CEO of 4 companies worth 19.1 Billion USD is sitting down in a super expensive VIP restaurant — one that commands a booking fee of $10,000 per head and is offered via invitation only. He is surrounded by 100 of the most powerful people in the world. This man’s advice is sought after by Presidents of countries, Ph.D’s from Ivy League Universities, CEO of companies & by billions of people world wide. In fact, every step he takes is followed by news channels, media outlets & social media platforms.

Now, I want you to go walk right up to him and advice him for the next one hour on how to run a successful business, how to be a successful CEO & how to live a successful life.

I’m pretty sure you would not dare do it.
Simply because it would tantamount to you making a fool of yourself.

Why am I asking you this when the answer is so obvious?
Read on.

Situation Number 3

Finally, imagine this.

You are 13 years old. (remember when you were 13 years old?).

Now, I want you to imagine, you are walking up to a 41 year old online influencer, who has a successful business brand online, has over 500,000 followers on his social media platform and earns USD $10,000 per month consulting. He deals with only Directors, CEO’s & people who can afford his services.

Now YOU being 13 years old — would you try to bully him, advice him of life, women, sex, marriage & business — and yes, how to give women orgasm?

You would immediately state — No way man!
No 13 year old in his right mind would even dare to think this way….

You are 100% right.

But then why am I asking you this?

Because if you look at the social media landscape & online culture, you have people doing THE EXACT SAME ILLOGICAL ACTION where Brock Lesnar is concerned… where Elon Musk is concerned and where I am concerned.

Brock Lesnar — who is one of the most dangerous heavy-weight fighters of our generation gets tons of hate mail, threats & pieces of advice from people who haven’t done a single push-up in their lives, who do not know what is the difference between a pectoral muscle to a deltoid and who do not have the capacity to carry a 25 kgs barbell plate. However, these very same individuals take the liberty to do just what you agreed was ‘illogical’.

Elon Musk who is worth USD 19.1 Billion, gets regular tweets, emails & advice from people who can’t even get a job at McDonald’s as a cleaner. In fact, forget Elon Musk — you and I wouldn’t give these people the light of day had we bumped into them on the street some where. So then how dare do such worthless, useless and pointless people give advice & criticize such legends?

And finally, even though I cannot compare myself to legends like Brock Lesnar or Elon Musk — But I’m the best at what I do…. And if nothing else — I am 42 years old! BUT…. get a hold of this…..I still keep getting 13 year olds and other youngsters giving me advice on how to be a good father, how to take care of my wife and how to behave online.
Funny right?

So how or why is this all happening — when the fact of the matter is — in the real world it would never happen?

The answer is simple.

The 4 Walls Of My Conclusion…..

In the 4 walls of anonymity — worthless, pointless & useless people become whatever Incredible, Invincible and Indomitable because all of a sudden they are given the same platform to express their shitty thoughts, crappy ideas & stinking concepts of life. And where they display this unbelievable courage, guts & character. Why do you think they are called “keyboard warriors”? Because its VERY easy to talk, criticize & point fighters.

Very easy.

But its very difficult to create, make happen and achieve.

I seriously pity most of these wanna-be internet only legends whose only job is to look at what is wrong with the world, what is wrong with others and what is imperfect in other peoples lives. Because it is easier to do that. But very painful to look within and reflect, to discover and to change what is not right.

I for one have learnt to discern what I need to focus on and what I need to ignore. That is why I never respect anyone who hasn’t earned his stripes but feels he is entitled to give me advice. After all — what do you call a person a person who hasn’t achieved anything but is an expert at giving advice on everything?

Look at the headline of this article.

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