An Article Written Out of Sheer Boredom

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I’m bored.

I just finished running 2kms.
Yeah right…
Not running.
Slow jogging.
Super slow actually.
More like huffing, puffing, grunting & farting.
But yeah — I managed to live through it.
The fact that I at least made the attempt is what matters.
So now, I am tired.
Sitting down.


I am sitting down.
Don’t know what to write.
In front of me is the iMac.
There are 27 tabs open.

On the right is the iPad on the stand
Wonder what is my progress on..
Dominations — Good
Cash Inc — Not bad
Idle Miner — Could be better
I like these games.

On my left is my iPhone
428 notifications mostly from
FB Messenger
All rubbish forwards or requests
I ignore them

Behind me are the books
I look through them
(15 minutes later)
Nah…. nothing.

My mind is empty.
So what do I write about?

Lets see….
Nah boring.
I don’t feel productive.

Who the hell wants to be successful on a Weekend?

Personal Branding?
Not now man….my head is not working.

Let me see what is on youtube…
Bellator MMA fight….
Donald Trump Tweets some shit
Stormy Daniels Lawyer blah blah
Yuval Noah Harari on Evolution of Consciousness
Another TED Talk
Top 10 books for Entrepreneurs
New Avengers Trailer

So what can I waste my time on?
Superman versus Batman movie clip
That seems good
Good to waste time
Nah…I’m bored.

On…MMA fight?
Let me watch this….
Watching those guys with ripped bodies and 6 pack abs.
Dangerous chaps.
These guys are crazy.
I would never want to fight these guys.
In fact I wouldn’t even want to fight my wife.
The biggest fight I had in my life?
With the fat around my waist.

So what should I do?

Well, let me complete this article
Then I’ll take a nap

Oh guess what?
I completed the article!
Now let me take a nap.

Good night…
er, I mean Good whatever.

I bored.

Good Bye.

Loy Machedo

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