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People like to ask me — what is the secret to my Brand Success.
Well — let me finally share with you a week in the life of Loy Machedo so that you know how my life is….

Consider the following goals that I created for myself:

  • Complete 100 Quora Answers in 2 days
  • Complete 10 Youtube Videos in 1 day
  • Complete 10 Medium Articles in 1 day

Now if you are talking about writing 1 line Quora answers — well, you can finish 300 Quora answers in 3 to 4 hours. But if you are like me who writes each answer from 500 words to around 1,000 words — completing 100 Quora answers will take you 2 days.

And then if you are talking about youtube videos — if you are planning to just put up a video of 5 minutes, speak your mind out and just it hang — well its easy. I am pretty sure you can put 20 to even 30 videos easily. However, if you are talking about posting each video with its description + tags + meta-tags + thumbnail image + script + video editing + sound editing + SEO scripting — I would say 10 videos is a stretch.

Medium is a platform where educated people share educated opinions. So it would be a brand suicide to post something absolutely stupid, worthless and futile. Maybe on Quora you can afford to write any rubbish. But you cannot do the same on Medium. Medium is more like the Ivy League of Blogging. So I knew I had to post something of value here. Once again 10 articles was a stretch. So now how did I do it?


Here is me sharing with you how did I complete all this work, including the challenges that suddenly popped up in between.

    I planned out in advance what I would write/speak about in each category. To get my creative juices flowing — I went for a walk, taking a note book and walking in the forest with my wife. Whatever thoughts came to my mind — I jotted it down. Once I reached home — I had a outline what I was supposed to do. This took 3 hours to complete
    Before starting my work, I made sure I answered all emails, I spoke to all the clients in advance, I addressed all whatsapp & facebook messages (I had 6,000+ of them to complete). I completed everything so that there wouldn’t be any disturbance once I started my work. This took one full day to complete.
    Given the fact I am a married man with responsibilities and not just a student whose mother and father would do all the work to ensure I having no problems — I had to ensure all the work was completed. So I finished business meetings with my lawyers, took my wife to the hospital, completed weekly shopping, groceries, food items, miscellaneous work — whatever my wife or the house wanted. This took one full day to complete
    Targeted time — 2 days
    Actual time taken — 3 days

    My first challenge was to complete 100 answers in 2 days time. However, in between I had 2 clients who contacted me and disturbed my work flow. And I couldn’t say no to them because they were VIP clients (VIP Client pays me $1,500 per hour for my time). So since money comes first — I had to interrupt my work flow. So instead of taking 2 days — I ended up taking 3 days to complete my Quora assignment.
    Targeted time — 24 hours
    Actual time taken — 48 hours

    It is not easy when you are trying to make each video come out perfectly. Added to this — each of my videos was 30 minutes to 45 minutes. Now that really takes a toll on your voice, your focus and your capacity to complete the task. And in between I even had the electricity get disconnected. So that added to my misery! And then when I truly decided to work — I got a new creative contact from India who wanted to share some creative ideas with me. So I thought about it and decided — why not? And after all this….finally, I managed to complete 10 videos.
    Targeted time — 24 hours
    Actual time taken — 48 hours

    I assumed I had completed all my work — only to have 2 new clients suddenly interrupt me, and then on top of that I had my lawyer call me again for some work. And then I also had a payment collection that had to be made asap (money is always 1st importance). So once again, I got interrupted. And once I got interrupted — I had to reset my system (I take sleeping pills and I sleep off for 3 to 4 hours) and after I wake up I get back to work. So in 2 days, I was able to create the 10 articles.
    Oh by the way — did I mention — in between I got an inspiration to post an article and a video about Logan Paul both on my website and create a video — so I went with the flow and created it also. So it was a good day!

So finally what was supposed to take 4 days….ended up taking up 1 full week of work. And one of the reasons I was able to do this was because of my Interrupted sleep pattern. A technique I developed to help me do creative work.

It is like this:

I sleep at 7pm
Wake up at 12am
Work all the way to 9am
Sleep once again at 9am
Wake up 1pm
Work all the way to 6pm
Sleep again.

So basically night becomes day and day becomes night.

So now having completed this — my next target which I have to complete is:

  1. 100 pages of the book “What to expect when you are expecting” by Heidi Murkoff
  2. 100 lessons on Photoshop Editing
  3. 5 Modules of Internet Marketing

And I am done…..

So now do you see how to make yourself famous online like the Loy Machedo Dot Com Brand?

Try doing this the whole year round and I can assure you will not only become better than me — you will be Number 1.

Loy Machedo

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ABOUT ME: Google My Name | SERVICES: ThinkPersonalBranding.Com | EMAIL: loy@loymachedo.com | WHATSAPP: +66–92–541–4784

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