A Non-Poetic Rant of Goal Achievement

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How I look right now

Its 18:31 right now.
I am sitting on my chair, in my room all alone.
I have just completed a shower after scrubbing my head and my face with a Schick Quattro Titanium blade — you know the one with 4 blades.
I kind of like them because they have 4 blades, they help me shave without any cuts and I am able to scrub that blade on the surface of my skin without having to be too careful. And I am sitting with my towel wondering how am I going to complete my target for the day.

What is my target?
To write down 10 articles on Medium.
As of now, I have completed… let me see…. 1, 2….oh wow 4.
For a minute I thought I only completed 2. But 4 is good.
That is the benefit of waking up at 2am.

The only reason I am surprised is because today a few unplanned and unpredictable things took place.
You know — the normal everyday stuff…
I got banned from Quora for posting a controversial video on youtube. And because of this what wasn’t part of today’s agenda — I ended up making it part of today’s agenda. (I had to post a video stating why I got banned & informing my followers about the same).

I got a call from a client who wanted to pay me for my advice — that always take priority over any plan. After all money pays my bills.

And then my wife wanted to go and buy a few things from the grocery shop. Given that she is 4 months pregnant and we live in a place that boasts of the most dangerous roads in the world and that has 2 accidents every single day (Koh Samui, Thailand), I took her on our humble little scooter.

After that apparently I got hungry.

And then when it was time to finally sit down to complete my target for the day, I felt sleepy, since it was time for my nap.

And then after I woke up, well I got inspired to shave (I know, I know. I just wanted to make it sound worthwhile). And now, I am sitting in front of my iMac completely blank. I have no idea what am I supposed to do.

I don’t even know what am I supposed to type.
My mind is blank.

Have you ever felt like that?
When you wanted to do something, but nothing happened?
No thoughts, no ideas, no creative sparks?
Well this is one such moment for me.
And I am still sitting here with this silly face peel mask on my face. Apparently, it makes my skin “lighter”. In Thailand, this is what women like I guess — to be lighter skinned.


Tourists from the west come here to get tanned and get a darkened skin color. While the locals here want to get lighter and have whiter skin color. Not that I am interested to lighten my skin. After all, I didn’t spend years getting tattoos all over my body just to ensure it would get ‘lighter’. And especially my face which is my most recognizable feature.

So now — back to my article.
What do I write about?
I want to create this world-class article that would be featured all across the world, which will bring me instant glory, long lasting fame and hopefully Billions and Billions of dollars…..
Ah yes… Billions of dollars…..
Wasn’t that something I wanted to achieve when I was 16 years old?
Millionaire by 20 and Billionaire by 25. And finally retired by 30.
Amazing what you all you tend to plan and hope for when you are 16 years old. Especially after you read a inspirational and motivational book that tells you “anything the mind can believe and the individual can achieve”… or something like that.

So, I sit in front of my iMac for my Billion Dollar, World-Class, Life Changing, Universe Shattering, one-of-a-kind article.



And now I have started to get hungry again.
Wonder whats for dinner?
Thai food with something.
Given that my wife is Thai, I guess I don’t have an option anyways.

Oh well…..

Alright — let me eat now, watch whatever catches my eye on youtube and then come back to complete my mandatory 10 articles for the day. I have to complete 10 no matter what.

Funny right….what pain and suffering you have to endure when you have a goal in sight?

Sometimes I wonder — why in the world do I even want to be so ambitious. I mean wasn’t it better when I just wanted to be lazy and have fun?

Seriously…. who comes up with all these crazy ideas for “Goal Achievement” and “Success” and “Achieve your Destiny”…

Oh yeah….I’m hungry right now.
Let’s talk later.

Loy Machedo

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