For those who have been asking me…. Here are the 10 VIDEO’S UPLOADED TODAY!

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Loy Machedo


Video #3986

Why I Recommend the Garmin 245 Watch


Video #3987

I’m Serious. Maybe You Do Not Need Personal Branding


Video #3988

Unable To Run For Years, I Ran 12kms In 58 Minutes

How Did I Do It?


Video #3989

I Hate Indian Movies. And Then I Watched This Indian Movie

Movie Review of Ludo 2020


Video #3990

I Was Rejected By Everyone. Yet I Succeeded. How?


Check out my interview with Youtube Channel Coffeezilla


Of Fraudsters in UAE being Exposed


Check —

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This is what youtube user ‘Vamshi Krishna’ stated

One friend of mine who streams pubg game on YouTube has more than 10 lakh subscribers …and you with lots of books and content has not crossed at least 1lakh subscribers…grow up man ..this universe doesn’t give a shit about your content …change your poop

This was my response to him

Dear kiddo,

Let me wake you up to the real world

You said “One friend of mine’

You never spoke about you.

The reason being, you do not have anything worthwhile to show or state about your achievements. Your courage &…

#loymachedo shares

As a small boy when my parents would go to a shopping store, I would always run to the bookstore. I would run to my favorite book section, pick up a book I liked, show it to my parents and ask them to buy it for me.

But my step-father & mother would look at me and my request to buy a book…..and then tell me 2 words which became a part of my life forever….”no money”.

They would have money for food, for clothes, for going out, for themselves. But no money for a book. …

Why UAE Will Levy Income Tax Soon

And The Impact Of UAE Income Tax On UAE Expats

Watch this video below.

#UAE #Dubai #UAETax #UAEIncomeTax #UAEExpats #UAEBusiness #UAEEconomy

17 Reasons Why Emirates Airlines Will Face Bankruptcy

Time Stamp

00:39 — Introduction

01:38 — The Premise Of This Video

02:38 — Business Model Expansion Based On Speculation

10:54 — Build & They Will Come

13:03 — Unsustainable Growth & Expansion

16:15 — Impulsive Habits

17:59 — Lies, White Lies & Politics & More Lies

26:06 — UAE Losing Its Charm

30:07 — Reputation of UAE

31:20 — Lack of Unity

33:08 — Ego Driven Decisions

34:24 — A380’s — Return On Investment

37:15 — Sheikh Mohammed’s Vision

38:47 — Foundation Was Linked To Dubai’s Success

39:26 — Oil Prices

41:07 — Fixed Expenses

46:38 — Corporate Racism & Breeding Complacency

56:45 — Covid-19 Debacle

01:00:20 — The Post Covid-19 Phase

#EmiratesAirlines #UAE #Dubai #Expo2021 #UAEEconomy #ThinkPersonalBranding #PersonalBranding

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BREAKING NEWS: UAE Weighs Options For Military Lockdown To Contain COVID-19

#UAE #Dubai #UAENews #UAEExpats #UAEcovid19 #UAECoronavirus #dubai #expo2020 #thinkpersonalbranding #personalbranding


Loy Machedo

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These are Video Clip from the video titled “Coronavirus UAE Updates: UAE Expats Share Confidential Info, Censored News & Impact On UAE Market” where I covered the impact of the Coronavirus on UAE, UAE’s Economy, UAE’s Business market, and the impact to Expo 2020

I decided to put them all in one place so that it would be easier for anyone who was searching for them.

Watch and let me know your thoughts.
Loy Machedo


UAE Businesses Risk Losing Brand Value Being Associated To Coronavirus Outbreak


UAE Expats CoronaVirus Survey Data & Results



My Age: 20’s to 29 years old

Phase: Bodybuilding & Athletic
Primary Goal: Look Sexy, Muscular, Hot & Strong
Dietary Requirements:
Build Mass & Muscle
Strategy: Eat anytime, anything & anywhere
Favorite Foods: KFC, Pizza, Burger King, Chocolates, Ice-Creams
Must Have: Eggs, Milk & Meat
Most Ridiculous Meal Habit: Have 36 eggs per day
Surprise Nutrition Information: I discovered I could eat more without putting on weight!
Portions Mix:
33% Protein, 33% Fat & 33% Carbs
Body Weight: 55kgs
Health Issues: None


My Age: 29 to 34 years old

Phase: Powerlifting & Weight Gain
Primary Goal: Look Big, Heavy, Strong, Powerful & Invincible
Dietary Requirements:
High Protein, High Fat & High Carbs
Strategy: Eat 3 peoples…

Anything you want today, the answer is on your finger tips.
Or that is what we have been conditioned to believe — right?

Have a question?
Google it.

Want a PDF?
Download it.

Don’t know the answer?
Check youtube

Have a doubt?
Send someone a question and get an answer.

So now, here is the big question.
When such amazing facilities are available — shouldn’t the quality of life become better? Shouldn’t problems reduce? Shouldn’t we see a better quality of life for everyone?

But is this the case with everyone?

I doubt.

We live in an day and age…

Loy Machedo

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