9 Resume Fundamentals for 2019

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  1. Read-ability
    - Standard font
    - Size-able enough to be read by a person with not-so-strong eyesight
    - Standard layout
    - Acceptable design
    - Neat
  2. Content is King
    - A book can have an award-winning cover on the outside but suffer from mundane content. Don’t let your Resume bore the person about you. Keep the content Interesting, Intriguing & Informative
  3. Picture speaks a 1,000 words
    - Should you or should you not put a photograph?Only if:
    A) You are physically attractive
    B) The job position requires you to show how you look
  4. Words Matter
    - Get the words, sentences & paragraphs edited using the services of a wise-crafty wordsmith.
    It helps
  5. Best foot forward
    Saving the best for last works in certain situations.
    Employers are hard-pressed for time.
    And they get uninterested easily.
    Give them the best parts about you — first.
  6. Avoid sharing everything
    There are many things about you that don’t matter.
    Stating you know Word, Excel & Power-point or that you are hard-working doesn’t impress anyone. Rather it shows lack of common sense.
    Less is more.
  7. Make it Match
    A Ferrari body should match a Ferrari Engine and a Ferrari Performance. And it should target a Ferrari passionate customer.
    If what you say is not consistent to who you are and doesn’t meet the employers expectations — you are out.
  8. Get A Professional To Make It Professional
    The majority of people going to get married will ensure various components to the wedding are taken care by the people who specialize in those requirements.
    Music, Sound & Light — The DJ takes cares
    Food & Drink- The Caterers take care of it
    Photography & Video — Handled by a team of experts
    Decor — By a decor specialist
    In the quest to cut costs — I doubt anyone the bride & groom would try to do it themselves.
    So if common sense prevails where a wedding is concerned — what about a Career Changing Document called a Resume?
  9. Make it your Signature Statement
    Your Resume should resonate your value, your worth and your Personal Brand to whomsoever it is targeted to. It should talk about you in your absence and it should be the reason why remember you. For that to happen — you have to ensure — it is your masterpiece.
    Create & Craft it in the same manner.

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