7 Kinds Of Social Media Personalities I Block & Delete ASAP

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Those people who post their personal problems, issues, arguments & grievances on Social Media and that too while naming & shaming others on a regular basis. I just block such people out of my radar.

Those couples who are overly romantic on Social Media where they find the need to share every picture, every video, every update and every post to advertise LOUDLY their undying love for each other. Oh and did I mention they also have to share pictures of them smooching, hugging, eating, walking & even posing in the bedroom together? Seriously — why do you need to do this especially WHEN YOU BOTH LIVE TOGETHER IN THE SAME HOUSE???

I know one female (whom unfortunately I have to keep in touch with) who posts more than 10 pictures of her face EVERY SINGLE DAY! And I am not even joking. She will post one image of her having a duck face, of her smiling, being angry, showing a sad face, grinning, posing as if she is thinking….. and she does this every single fucking day! I cannot for the life of me understand what is even wrong with her. In fact, just now as I checked her facebook profile in the pictures album — she has over 1,000+ pictures OF ONLY HERSELF!!! I can understand taking pictures of nature. But your own face?

Ever met someone who looked so hot, so attractive and so perfect that you wonder — why they are single? Well, you will get the answer once you meet them. The problem is — they are NOTHING like what they show of themselves online. They are completely the opposite. And I am giving you this from real life examples — a Thai girl who is absolutely dark but posts only images of her looking really light-skinned (why???), a British girl who is grossly over-weight but posts images of her looking really slim and yeah — the best one among them all — a female posting images of someone else but pretending to be her (when I asked her why she did this — her rationale gave me a headache). Such people — well are blocked from my life.

Ever had a social media post that you shared, only to have this one guy argue with you, disagree with you and irritate you about it? Its pretty odd but given that it is my facebook wall, it is my opinion and it is my post — I wonder why do I need to explain myself to others?
And if that is not enough, they feel the need to constantly disagree with almost every post of yours.
Some people feel the need to let you know that they disagree with your opinion. And not only that — they also feel that you should take your time to explain yourself to them. And yeah — also be proved wrong.

The online personality who has to praise his god, talk about his god, preach about his god and advertise his god (forward this to 10 people and receive 10 blessings) to everyone on his Social Media list. And what I hate about such individuals is the need to shove their religious content down your throat. Oh yeah — and did I forget to mention — sending you timely messages to read about THE REAL RELIGION…which is the religion he is following and which is created by his god — not the other 3,000 gods. Guess what do I do with such nut-jobs?

I provide services, advice & consultation for a FEE. The only advice & consultation I provide for FREE is the content I share online — which I have been doing for the past 11 years. That is why I have over 5,000 articles, posts & videos shared online for free.
Now even after providing all these people STILL EXPECT me to give them more value for free….. Oh yeah, and did I forget to tell you, they will tell you they have no money, they are poor, they are going to die or they are depressed and that is why you have to help them FOR FREE.
I wonder where these people were when I was suffering? when I was a nothing? when I was a nobody?
I find it so odd that when they have a good time, they do not remember me. But when they are going through a bad time, I am supposed to help them. Really?

So which kind of personalities do you block & delete?
Did anyone among these resonate with you?

Let me know in the comments section below.

Loy Machedo

ABOUT ME: Google My Name | SERVICES: ThinkPersonalBranding.Com | EMAIL: loy@loymachedo.com | WHATSAPP: +66–92–541–4784

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