7 DO NOT’S Of A Winning Resume

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  1. DO NOT give your Resume to an Agency where your details will be taken by an employee of the agency, put into a computer, and out of the 10,000 templates, one will just pop out crispy & fresh as your ‘award-winning’ Resume
  2. DO NOT try to create a Resume all by yourself especially since all the information on how to create an Resume is available online. So all it takes is a google search, youtube video and few opinions of your friends on Social Media. That is NOT how a Winning Resume is created. Oh and did I mention Copy/Paste is not borrowing great ideas?
  3. DO NOT assume using impressive sounding words, corporate quackery & industry jargon will make your Resume irresistible to the decision maker. An employer always looks to have someone who is authentic & themselves — not a sophisticated sounding dictionary.
  4. DO NOT give away too much information because when you do it loses all the excitement & anticipation of wanting to get to the person. Its more like a bikini, if you can see everything — what more is left to see or discover?
  5. DO NOT have a one-size-fits all Resume
    Each and everyone company is different, each and every Interviewer is different. And each and every company’s requirement is different. That is why your Resume will have to be tweaked & changed to offer the specific communication or message to each and every job position applied.
  6. DO NOT use outdated formats, layouts & techniques
    Where once upon a time it was mandatory to write someone’s name, address, telephone number and cell number, followed by pleasantries, the subject line and finally the message — today its all about one line — getting to the point.
  7. DO NOT ask the wrong people for the right advice
    Your mother & father may have the best of intentions for you and the best hopes for your success but that doesn’t mean they know what to guide you. The same goes if you consider your friends or relatives.
    You want to create something professional — please approach a Professional or an Expert in the industry to help you reach you goals. That is called being smart.

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