5 Trade Secrets Hustlers Never Reveal

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Do you want to know if you can or cannot achieve you goals or not? What would be the results — long term versus short term? Do the following — Check your background. Makes notes of your past. Find out how you acted, reacted in the past. The chances are — you will do more or less the same in the future. Behavior patterns are a powerful clue if or not you will do or will not do something.

Behavior patterns in relationships. Remember Anthony Weiner? John Bones Jones? Lance Armstrong? They all had a pattern. A pattern of self-destruction. If you look at any person, any human being — you will always find such patterns. So when you want to analyze someone for business, relationships, possible employment — anything — look at their patterns. If they cheated on their ex, spoke ill about their former employer or let you down once — they will 100% do it again. And again. And again. Want to analyze someone? Check their behavior pattern.

Want to succeed in business? Don’t make this one crazy mistake. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Many people think they have this amazing idea, this breakthrough or this really amazing one in a million domain name/logo/company name. Well guess what? You may think it is one in a million. But given that there are 6 Billion people on the planet, 6,000 people have already thought about that same idea. And given that 6,000 thought about that idea, another 1,000 tried to copy it, improve on it and try to make it better. So if you want to succeed in business — make it easy for you. Take your competitors best idea and make it even more better.

Set your goals with a sense of urgency. Most people work towards their goals as if they have all the time in the world. But the person who works 16 hours than the person who works 4 hours, the person who has 10 people helping him versus the person who has no one guiding him, the person who is ready to invest money to boost his chances — than the person who prefers to go the organic root — will always win. Remember — given a choice between two — the person who works with a sense of urgency always wins.

Do you want to know the truth? The truth is that statement is acceptable to most people. And this comes into play once after a very rich, very successful and very powerful person says as “This is my SECRET to”. Why do you think Millions of people buy books, CD’s & DVD’s of people claiming to have “The SECRET” or the very same people cloghing to purchase what Warren Buffet, Barack Obama, Richard Branson and Mark Zuckerberg stated? When you use something like “The Secret” and someone who is rich, powerful and successful use those words — ordinary, everyday pieces of advice which your old grandparents could have given you, which you could get from any blog post or article or which anyone with any common sense could have stated — suddenly becomes “The most widely read & sought after piece of advice”. And when it is accepted by the masses — it becomes the truth. And majority of the time — this fact is considered the truth — until someone else — equally powerful, rich and successful — states otherwise.

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