5 Tips For A Job Search In 2019

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So you are planning to get employed with a new company?
In a new position?
With a new package?

Then here are 5 pieces of advice I would give you to help you achieve your goal.

  1. Set aside a Time Frame
  2. Communicate the reasons
  3. Recommendations & references
  4. The Truth is Subjective
  5. The Power of Connections

Set Aside A Time Frame

Lets be realistic here.
Getting a good job, with a good package with a good company is not something that will just hop on to your lap.
It is going to take some soul-searching, digging & shopping around — which means, it will take time. And when you factor in competition, demand versus supply & being at the right place, at the right time, for the right position and in front of the right person for the right position — to have your stars aligned for such a perfect moment — takes time.
Be realistic and give yourself 3 months to 6 months for this to happen.

Communicate The Reasons

So you were earning USD $10,000 per month.
And now after 2 years, you feel, given your experience & expertise, you should be paid USD $12,000 per month — well that sounds reasonable.
However, it is not the case with the market.
No one knows you.
Neither do they know the reasons why they should want to pay you that kind of money.
You will have to take on the challenge to list out all the practical & purposeful reasons keeping in mind the benefit the end user or the employer would get IN MEASURABLE TEMRS as to why you should be paid more.
Once these reasons are logically & practically laid out on a measurable scale — you can start demanding the numbers.

Recommendations & References

When you are buying a product or service off the internet — you always check what the end users have to say about it. You check the ratings, you read the comments, you ask people for their opinion.
The same principle applies where hiring the right candidate goes.
People feel much more safer if there is someone of high authority, ranking, influence or market value who can endorse, recommend or refer your skill to the companies you are targeting.

So if you are going to hand out your Resume, just ensure it has the names of the key people who can put their name as a recommendation or reference where you are concerned.

The Truth Is Subjective

I have yet to meet any candidate who didn’t think he wasn’t the right fit for the job or who didn’t believe he didn’t deserve a raise. Almost every product or service in the market believes it is the best value for the customer.
So then the question begets — who is the best?
Is everyone the best?
Who is telling the truth?
Who is not telling the truth?
Here’s the answer.
The answer is subjective.
Each and every person on this planet wants to believe he or she is the best in whatever it is he or she is doing. And that in turn makes the truth subjective in nature.
So keep this in mind when marketing or selling yourself to anyone.
Whatever you say — well, only you know the truth.
So be smart about how you go about this loophole in the system.

The Power of Connections

Try getting an appointment with someone powerful or influential.
It is as impossible as not having experience in running and deciding to run for a marathon.
However, try getting an appointment with someone powerful or influential through someone who is very close to them — say a friend or relative or business partner. All of a sudden your odds improve drastically.
I’ve not only observed but experienced this in my life to such an extent that when I have to meet someone worthwhile, I always do my homework and find out whom I can use, approach or ask for help to reach this decision maker in the easiest manner possible that too on a path of least resistance.
It is not makes my life easier, it also helps build a stronger bond and give much better results.

So you are planning to get employed with a new company?
Try these 5 pointers and see the difference.
I can assure you this much — you will send me a ‘Thank you’ Note eventually.

Loy Machedo

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