5 Resume Questions To Get Yourself The Dream Job — Guaranteed

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These are the 5 questions I ask my clients as they prepare themselves to apply for the job of their dreams. Go through them and see if they give you an insight into your Personal Brand.

  1. What is the ONE THING in your Resume that if the potential Employer reads will offer you the job right away?
    Does that ONE THING explicitly stand out?
  2. Calculate the annual income you are expecting.
    Let’s say it is $120,000 and that is what you feel you deserve.
    Ask yourself — the Resume you are holding in your hand — does it convince any person, whom after reading, would offer you want to offer this particular candidate $120,000 in cash without hesitation?
  3. Which part in your Resume explicitly states why you stand out from the rest of the other 5,000 people who applied for this job including the 3 guys who are better than you who are eyeing the same job?
  4. Have you put in all the possible effort, creativity, time and money into creating this Resume so much so, you can call it ‘The Greatest Masterpiece’ that represents you to the world?
  5. The amount of effort, creativity, patience, time, money & insight that you put into your marriage — did you put MORE than that into creating your Business Profile/Resume? If you did — then just like your marriage was made in heaven, your job will the dream job you always dreamt off.

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