5 Questions Employees Should Ask Themselves

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Question Number 1 — MONEY TALKS
When you compare inflation versus increased expenses — What is the salary increment you have received since last year which compliments your experience & expertise?

Question Number 2— ROOM TO GROW
If you put in all the hard work, effort, dedication, discipline & results — is there a vacant position for you to climb up to? Or is your growth dependent on if your boss being present or not i.e. you cannot overtake your boss and neither is your boss going any where any time soon?

Question Number 3—THE COMFORT ZONE?
The thumb rule I follow and believe in is that you should negotiate and re-negotiate your contract every year or at the end of the contractual period. Why? Because if you know that there is a possibility for you to earn more, maybe, just maybe you would be incentivized to work harder, show better output and more productivity. Or…. are you just so comfortable and happy that you are just happy you have a job?
And for those of you who feel that money is not a driving force — let me know how you feel when there is a pay cut.

Question Number 4— THE NEW 2019 MODEL….
Every year there is a new iPhone with new features. Every year there is a new vehicle with new features. Every year there are new games, new models & new products being introduced. In fact, nothing remains the same as every product, service & industry is trying to get better….
So how have you become better “SPECIFICALLY” since last year?
What are the upgrades?
What did you learn, develop & become a master at?
Or are you the same old…same old?

Question Number 5 — DO YOU LOVE YOUR JOB?
This one is without a doubt the most important question one should ask himself. You spend the majority of your day in that office, with those colleagues, working for that boss, in that office environment and selling that product or service.
That job — does it excite you? make you happy? bring life to your life?
Those Colleagues — are they the ones you would love to hang out with 24/7?
That Boss — Is he that role model you were dreaming to work under?
The Office Environment — Is this the one you would hope you child would one day be in?
If not…. then is this all there is to your life?
The purpose of your life?
The reason why you were born?
And one that you would continue until you are too old, too late and too helpless to do anything else?
Just this?

Ask yourself these questions.

Loy Machedo

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