5 Pieces Of Advice Regarding Money vs Your Personal Brand

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  1. If you are good at something, never ever do it for free.
  2. If you do not charge those who love and like for your services — do you expect your enemies to pay for them?
  3. Never mix Business with Pleasure or Business & Personal/Family. Just as you wouldn’t give products in your store to your family member for free but at a price — remember your time, your expertise & your experience has a value. Respect it.
  4. Never get into any kind of business if you are not obsessed, passionate & comfortable with money. You should be able to handle it, ask for it, demand it and even snatch it from others if you want to survive in the business world. When in doubt — ask yourself — what pays your bills?
  5. What is your expense per day?
    What should you earn per day?
    What is your worth per hour?
    If you do not know the answer to these questions — do not get into any kind of business.

Loy Machedo

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