5 Amazing Lessons Logan Paul Taught Me

What happens if you google Logan Paul

If you haven’t heard about why the name Logan Paul is trending online, then either you were in a coma or you were on planet Mars. However, giving you the benefit of the doubt — that maybe you were in a coma or on planet Mars, here is a short summary:

Logan Paul is a youtube vlogger with 15.3 Million subscribers online and whose main demographic consists of teenagers & young kids

Logan Paul makes a living pranking people with shock & controversy

Logan Paul online presence is staggering — 6.12 million views per video with an average of 103 million views per month and a revenue of $14 Million annually ONLY through these videos.

In 2015, Logan Paul was ranked the 10th most influential figure on Vine.*

(Information courtesy https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Logan_Paul )

Now I myself didn’t know much about him until his name started trending online with a the catch phrase ‘suicide’. To know about it in detail — check my video here:

To keep it short — Logan Paul visited Japan’s Aokigahara forest aka the “suicide forest” to capture whatever he could that would add value to his channel. And well, he did find something of value — A man who had committed suicide by hanging from a tree.

Now any normal human being would have switch off the camera. However, Logan Paul being the genius that he is — well continued filming, while making jokes, funny noises, expressions and yes, taking closeups of the person who was dead.

Once he uploaded this video — he received over 6.4 million views with over 600,000 likes, until he decided to take the video down. However, it was a bit too late as everyone in the internet world had downloaded this video and re-uploaded it.

So now, you must be wondering…so what are the lessons here?

Isn’t this ethically wrong?

Given that you can get such graphic and gory material online in the dark web or on gory sites — even on Reddit — there is nothing ‘new’ that he has done.

In fact, you don’t have to go very far to see the twisted fantasies of human beings being brought to live in horror movies. After all — there is a market out there for all kinds of fetishes. And this is a fact.

So its not about what Logan Paul did wrong or right. Rather the part begets what did he teach me.

Here are my lessons I learnt from Logan Paul.

    If you know the loopholes in the rules — you can get away with anything. Logan Paul committed something that is seriously wrong. However, his channel is still there. He is still making money. He is still famous. And people still love him.
    If you look good, handsome, cute & appealing — you can get away with most crimes. Oh and did I forget to mention Money & Power also help? So focus on your external factors. It will help. And if in case you doubt me — ask yourself — if someone who was say 500 pounds, ugly, unattractive, fat and old — if he had done most of things Logan Paul was doing — would he have gotten away with it?
    Do you know why Logan Paul is doing whatever he is doing? Do you even know why does he do it? Its simple. Because there is a market for it. Because his core audience loves him. Because they secretly enjoy his content. If no one likes him, if no one was ready to tolerate what he was doing, if people had ethics & morals in place, if they stood their ground and said NO, we will NOT accept this evil behavior — do you think he would have done most of whatever he is doing? You know the answer.
    Today’s world & today’s generation only wants crap, garbage and rubbish online. They love nonsense. Not worthwhile stuff. Why do you think the word ‘sex’ or ‘porn’ is the highest searched word online? And you don’t have to go any further — why do you think most of the website feature whose wardrobe malfunctioned? People love to see nonsense. People portray themselves to be ‘holy’. However, that is not reality.
    Youtube knows what he is doing is wrong. Parents know it. Adults know it. Children know it. Everyone knows it. However, is anyone doing anything about it? Are they? I am pretty sure you may know a Influential or Powerful figure who is also doing a lot of evil and wrongdoings in society. However, is anyone doing anything about it? Well — Money & Power talk. Period. Had the same crimes been committed by someone poorer — I doubt they would go very far.

I am pretty sure by this time you will bring up the examples of Matt Lauer, Bill Cosby, John Lasseter, Dustin Hoffman, Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey. Oh yes, so a few examples out of a population of 6 billion. So that makes our world a better place — right? Just because one small issue is blown out of proportion in the press doesn’t mean this is the reality of the entire planet. It is proven fact — when you are no longer useful or not in the peak of your career, you will be ousted. But when you are profitable to a company or organization — the powers that can be will do anything and everything to ensure you are kept safe. So lets not go into act JFK here.

The whole point of this article is to state one very important fact explicitly. Politics, Power & Money are the driving force behind what makes the world go round. By bringing up an issue and the whole world pointing fingers at that one person shouldn’t conceal the truth that in fact, everyone is equally guilty of the crimes being committed. We live in a world where everyone is doing whatever they wish to do behind the 4 walls of anonymity. When no one is watching — people bring out their true identity. And that is why maybe where I stay in Koh Samui, Thailand — I see so many so called ‘decent family men’ show their dark side when they know no one they know is around. And most of their acts are indeed despicable, shocking and at its worst form — pure evil. However, this is what makes the world go round.

So until we can really get down to the root of the issue — all these few names are nothing but news & media channels doing their best to make some noise, get some eye balls and make some money. Because after all, at the end of the day, they are doing it not for world peace right?

We live in a rather strange world with acts that are even stranger and where people are the strangest. This is not the first time and it will not be the last time we will hear something like this. Logan Paul is just one. But the bigger problem is not him. It is us. All of us. And until we can change each and everyone — like I always say — nothing will change. It will always be, as the popular saying “Business as Usual”.

Loy Machedo

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