41 Life Lessons From A 41-Year-Old

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  1. Earning Money is one of the most important aspects to your life
  2. You will spend 70% of your time working. Make sure you enjoy what you do.
  3. Take risks when you are young. When you are older, you would not be able to do so.
  4. Smoking, drinking &drugs will forever be a liability in your life.
  5. Sex is a double edge sword. Be safe about it and with it.
  6. Driving dangerous will be your biggest regret in life. Driving while under the influence — the biggest harm.
  7. Never marry early. Preferences change, Perspectives change, People change.
  8. Have a Routine — It will define you, your personality, your thinking, your style and your personality.
  9. Unless of course you have had an exceptionally amazing childhood with great parents as your role models — then you need a Mentor without fail. Ask any great achiever what is the importance of having someone to guide you. If can be your boss, your relative, the CEO of your company or anyone better than you.
  10. Choose one skill. Then decided and dedicate to devote 10,000 hours of your life only to honing and mastering that one skill.
  11. Read Tons of books — as many as you can. It will broaden your horizons.
  12. Remember most of what you read in books is an opinion — and need not be your reality
  13. Travel extensively. The more you travel, the more you will learn. The more you grow as a person.
  14. Work Hard, so hard, it becomes your religion. Remember — never let anyone outwork you.
  15. Discipline — without it, forget dreaming about anything. With this, nothing exists.
  16. Keeping things in order should be the first principle of the day. Never start work and never finish work until you have kept every single thing in order.
  17. Friends are overrated. They come and they go.
  18. Friendships are dangerous. Remember — You will always get betrayed, cheated, stabbed and surprised by people whom you trust. Not those you do not.
  19. Religion & God is made by man. That is why each and every religion has it own theory, set of rules, groups, regulations, do’s & don’ts. And one religions’s ‘to-do-list’ is another one’s ‘no-you-cannot-do-this’ list.
  20. Rules are Man Made. What is right in one place is wrong in another. For instance, in the Middle East an unmarried man & women having relationships is illegal, eating beef in India is a crime, eating pork in Saudi is illegal, Homosexuality in Pakistan is not allowed, Drinking alcohol in Iran is illegal. So if what you want is illegal, go to a place where it becomes legal.
  21. You will fail. And you will fail many times. There is no escaping it. And these failures will determine your character.
  22. You will be judged no matter what you do. So might as well accept this reality.
  23. Racism exists on our planet. There is no two ways about it.
  24. Bullshit sells on our planet. Want evidence? Check the advertisements.
  25. Politics is necessary to survive. Want to survive? Master it.
  26. Money influences people, relationships & friendships.
  27. Your Fans & Admirers are like the wind. Those who admire and love you today will become your enemies tomorrow. Mentally prepare yourself for it.
  28. 10 years of sacrifice & one mistake — people will only remember that one mistake
  29. Always remember — there is someone out there in the world better than you. Its just a matter of time before he appears.
  30. As long as you are an employee, whatever you do and how much ever you do, will be considered your duty. Why? Because you are receiving a monthly salary.
  31. To fight procrastination — do the most minimum always. Keep it simple. Make it easy. But just do something. Even it is the bare minimum.
  32. Actions always speak louder than words. Period.
  33. If you can create & customize, you can charge more money.
  34. Got a great idea? So what? Remember — Ideas are worthless. Stealing & improving on old ideas are better than creating new ones
  35. Knowledge is not power. Application of knowledge is power
  36. As you grow older, Health, Patience, Tolerance & Peace of mind are more important. Something you realize only when you are bed-ridden for a week.
  37. Never give anyone a second chance. If someone cheated you once they will cheat you again
  38. Your value is the average sum total of your 5 closest friends. Don’t believe me? Make the list and find out.
  39. Good prevails in the end — happens only in storybooks & movies
  40. Life was always meant to be unfair. So stop bitching about it and make it fair.
  41. The greatest skill you can master in this lifetime? Written & Verbal Communication. Think about it. 99% of the time you are doing — what?

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