41 Health & Weight Loss Tips from a 41 Year Old Health Freak

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Consider the following timeline:

  • Fat chubby boy
  • Not a very active lifestyle (my parents would lock me up at home)
  • 9th grade I accidentally got into track & field events and got introduced to the concept of exercise
  • Bodybuilder
  • Powerlifter
  • From 52kgs — I went all the way to 112kgs in body weight (courtesy steroids also)
  • Thanks to years and years of super heavy ego driven lifts, I had multiple injuries.
  • Severe lower back, elbow & multiple knee injuries resulted in being unable to do any form of exercise for many years.
  • I lost all my muscle shape & size and it got replaced with muscle and fat.

After being unhealthy, fat & out of shape, I once again decided it was time to keep fit. And so from being a guy who couldn’t run 100 meters, I got into

  • Barefoot running (48kms)
  • Half Marathon Training (Best timing 2 hours)
  • Triathlon (Competed at International Events as an Amateur)
  • Swimming (2kms in the Ocean)
  • Cycling (80kms)

I was the best, the fittest & the fastest I had ever been.
My health was by far at its peak.
And I felt like a million dollars.

  • I was exercising 4 to 6 hours a day
  • I was investing too much money, too much time and too many resources to my new found hobby
  • My obsession to keep fit was severely affecting other areas of my life.

This was the phase I moved from Dubai, UAE to Koh Samui, Thailand.

  • I had stopped exercise completely.
  • Thanks to my Thai wife who loved cooking delicious food, my weight had ballooned out of control.
  • I was now 108kgs with a nearly 50 inch waist.
  • I had heavy breathing problem, growing risk of diabetics & blood pressure. I knew I had to do something fast…
  • I chose to undergo Bariatric Bypass Surgery.
  • In 5 months, I lost 30kgs.
  • My weight from 108kgs came down to 78kgs.
  • Since the surgery, my diet has reduced sugar, carbs, processed foods, fizzy drinks & junk food by 90%.
  • And now I have started doing slow runs — 2kms to 3kms everyday


So what I have learnt after going through nearly 20 years of doing exercises, diets, weight loss & weight gain programs and yes experimenting with Steroids?

  1. There is no one universal diet, exercise, system or solution that is a one-size-fits-all for everyone. What may work for most other people, may not work for you.
  2. It is not exercise but your diet that is responsible for your bad health & weight gain. Diet is 90% of the problem always.
  3. 99% of supplement are absolutely rubbish, misleading & waste of money.
  4. If you are thinking of taking supplements — always go in for vitamins & minerals but only if you are into exercising. And yeah — always check the labels.
  5. Protein powders — almost all of them are total nonsense.
  6. Creatine does help in muscle building.
  7. Caffeine is powerful agent to help you focus before exercise.
  8. Its all in the DNA — There are some people who will stay fat & unhealthy no matter how much they diet, how much they exercise and how much self-control they practice.
  9. Fat people are not fat because they have less self-control or they lack discipline. Their bodies & appetites are built that way.
  10. The only solution for really fat people is surgery — Bariatric Surgery.
  11. Steroids have different kinds of results on different people. However, I strongly believe what comes in easily, goes away easily. And when something isn’t natural to you — it is never good. (I do not endorse or recommend anyone taking steroids)
  12. The success of any diet & any exercise is consistency.
  13. The best form of exercise is always the not-so-glamorous forms of exercise like Yoga, stretching, walking and long distance running have greater benefits than going to the gym to pump muscles or dancing.
  14. Doing some exercise or movement is better than doing nothing.
  15. If your family & your lifestyle doesn’t support your decision to lose weight or stay healthy — it is impossible to succeed
  16. The biggest killer is Sugar
  17. The second biggest killer is processed foods — ALL and I mean ALL of them.
  18. The third biggest killer is junk food
  19. The fourth biggest killer is lack of exercise & lifestyle
  20. The fifth biggest killer is smoking, drinking alcohol & drugs
  21. The sixth biggest killer is Stress
  22. The most dangerous & irresistible combination used in foods is Fat, Sugar & Salt.
  23. Sleep is the most under-rated and overlooked aspect to good health
  24. Fasting helps the body reset itself
  25. Meditation does wonders for your health
  26. Breathing deeply for 15 minutes a day has immensely benefits to your body. How do you do this? Just breath in deeply through the mouth & exhale fast. Do this for 15 minutes.
  27. When you sleep — it is time to sleep. Sleep in a sound proof & dark room.
  28. Switch off all electronics 60 minutes before sleeping
  29. Fresh Green vegetables eaten raw has incredible health benefits.
  30. Dedicate a whole month of eating only raw fruits & vegetables. You will be shocked at the results.
  31. The word ‘detox’ is used very loosely by the Health Industry so much so that any mindless new fad is called ‘detox’
  32. As you grow older, low impact activities & exercises should take priority
  33. Get yourself regular checks up. Once a year if you are in your 30’s. Twice a year once you reach 40’s.
  34. When you have a bath — have bath in ice cold water.
  35. If you can immerse yourself for 15 minutes in ice cold water — it is amazing for your body.
  36. When you have a bath — pamper yourself to a really luxurious bath.
  37. Eating less is always recommended than eating more
  38. Once a year — go for a total 7 day fast — total fast where you have nothing else but water. And water only.
  39. Keep in mind — if your parents had a particular disease & your grandparents also had a particular health related disorder — you too would most probably get it.
  40. Preventive solution is always better than cure any day. Take all necessary steps in advance as you get older.
  41. Keep a journal to know how your body responds to diets & exercises.

I hope sharing these bits of knowledge, experience & perspective helps you. Like any other disclaimer & warnings — please remember — before you attempt to follow or do any exercise — please contact your doctor. Because like I always say — everyone is unique and everyone’s body is different.

I hope you find the ultimate solution to your health & well-being.

Loy Machedo

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