27 Strategies To Overcome An Emotional BreakUp

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  1. Block & Delete the person from every part of your life, your social media & all other platforms including phone calls & emails
  2. Destroy all the mementos, memorabilia, letters, cards & any gifts the person has given you (maybe the super expensive ones you can keep them)
  3. Break off & keep away from all common friends
  4. Surround yourself with empowering people
  5. Do things to pamper you — which you must have never done before
  6. Avoid like a disease all the places you used to visit with that person
  7. Try all and every new activity possible
  8. Visit new places & gain new experiences
  9. Make new friends
  10. Whenever you feel down or depressed — write a blog or diary. Let all the emotions out. And if you feel like crying or screaming — do just that. Let it out. Do not bottle it up inside.
  11. Do activities that involve physical effort & also engage you mentally
  12. Ensure that you are tired every day in the night so that you have no choice but to sleep
  13. Never sleep without making a to-do-list the following day
  14. Always have a plan of action the following day
  15. Undertake projects which interest you and keep you occupied
  16. Make a list of everything that can help you improve more in your career, education and self-development
  17. Seek professional help if required
  18. Contrary to the popular advice — Make it a point to allow yourself to make new relationships if required. Just because one relationship ends doesn’t mean you have to suffer when the other person is enjoying.
  19. Keep the attitude — that every relationship is a learning experience and you deserved someone even more better
  20. Remember this much — the girl-friends I had broken off when I was 16 years old, didn’t matter when I was 26. And the relationships I broke off when I was 26, didn’t matter when I was 36. And today at 46, I look back at all those experiences and just and remind myself LIFE IS A PHASE…..
  21. We change with time — what you liked when you were 5, changed when you were 10 years of age. What you liked when you were 10, changed at 15; what you liked at 15, changed when you were 20 — the same goes at 25, 30, 35, 40, 45…..until the day you die. So the person who chose TODAY would NEVER be the person you will choose tomorrow.
  22. Look at the bright side of the Break up — A brand new start, A brand new life, A chance to have a Brand New Romance and yes, to make sure you do not repeat all the mistakes you once made.
  23. Make a list of all the things you missed out when in the relationship. Its high time you did this.
  24. Do something that you would not dare to do — some big scary, really adventurous goal that pushes you out of your comfort-zone. It will stretch you as a person and test your limits like never before.
  25. Last if not the least, now spend time with you, get to know yourself more, love yourself more and pamper yourself more to the point where you are 100 times better than what you once were.
  26. Although this may sound hard or not so desirable — meet someone who is going or has gone through something much more worse than you. It will give you a perspective about life.
  27. Most important of them all — Always look on the bright side of life.

In the end, remember this much, we all have gone through trials, tribulations and tests through time. We have all cried those silent tears and fought those secret battles. Life is all about doing your best, and whenever it is you that fall, get back up once again, dust yourself and then move forward.

Like I always tell the people whom I love and care — One more round buddy. One more round. Just one more.

Loy Machedo

Written by

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