2018 Personal Branding Strategies For The Corporate World

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Loy Machedo
    2017 is over. 2018 is coming. Ask yourself these questions

    1) What was your plan/target at the beginning of 2017?
    2) What did you achieve during 2017?
    3) Why did you achieve what you set out to achieve in 2017?
    4) What did you learn from your mistakes & failures of 2017?
    5) What can you do to prevent this from happening in 2018?
    F) What is your overall quantifiable & measurable target for 2018?
    6) What is your quantifiable & measurable target for 2018 — month by month?
    7) Whom do you need to get in touch or what do you need to in 2018 to ensure you achieve 100% success?
    8) What skills do you need to sharpen to achieve your goals in 2018?
    Its not what you know but rather who you know that makes or breaks your success in the corporate world. So ask yourself these questions.
    1) Who are the 6 people you must meet / network / build relationships this year to ensure corporate success & corporate growth?
    2) From your contact list, who are the people you must delete or keep away from that have served you no purpose?
    3) Who is right now the fastest growing star or competitor you need to keep an eye on?
    4) Which agency or social media platform do you need to position yourself so that the decision makers can notice you better?
    5) What hobby or interest or club membership you need to join or take up so that you rub shoulders with your targeted decision maker?
    1) What is your tagline for this year?
    2) How does your new photograph look like?
    3) What is your 30 seconds attention grabbing introduction?
    4) What is the something you can say about yourself that makes you stand out?
    5) If you met your CEO in the elevator — what is your 3-minute elevator pitch to him?
    6) Which Social Media platform you need to position yourself even more?
    7) What is the one message you need to get out there about you to the world?
    8) What do you need to blog (write) about more so that when people google that subject — they find you?
    9) What do you need to talk (video) about more so that when people check the youtube — they find you?
    10) Who is your new world-class mentor who will help you succeed?
    11) Who should be added to your mastermind group to help you succeed as you add value to them?
    12) How does your updated Resume look like?
    13) What are the new recommendations you need to collect this year and from which industry expert/giant that will position you as the top candidate in your industry?

Loy Machedo

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