20 Things I Wish Someone Told Me When I Was 20

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Loy Machedo at 20 years of age
  1. If you migrate to a western country that provides you citizenship & benefits, you are better off there than being a temporary citizen earning tons of money in the Middle East or being a citizen of a 3rd world country
  2. Have a Mentor — someone who is a businessman or personal branding expert. It will shape your ability to think, make money & position yourself as a premium service provider in an overly crowded market place.
  3. Every single day practice Intermittent Fasting, Yoga & Meditation
  4. Read 100 pages of Self-Improvement books every single day
  5. Sleep super early and wake up super early. Having a early morning routine & learning to love the discipline of being disciplined is the key to success.
  6. Exercise every single day — NOT bodybuilding but running long distances, stretching, cycling, swimming or military styled exercises.
  7. Learn the art of public speaking, selling, hustling, power-dressing, style, showing off, and networking.
  8. Spend time with liars, fraudsters, manipulators, con-artists & yes women — it will give you a very unique perspective about life, survival & how people are.
  9. Master the art of writing & blogging. And yes, get an education & master Creative Writing, Copywriting & Content Creation.
  10. Learn how to sell yourself and sell products & services online.
  11. Every month buy something — anything and sell it at a profit — both offline & online.
  12. Have various investments & savings plans scattered around. In fact, even if you have a house or room that you can rent out — do it. It will teach you the skills on how to use money to make money.
  13. Save 30% of your savings irrespective however small it is every single month.
  14. Travel to different countries, place and environments. It will change your perspective of life
  15. Learn to speak in 3 different languages other than your native language
  16. Borrow $10,000 & Invest in Bitcoin and after 20 years — sell it off
  17. Avoid all friends of your own age, stay away from relatives and religious people. Instead, have friends who are all twice or three times your age, successful, rich and who are working class business-minded individual.
  18. Love, Sex, Girls, Friendships, Religion, Advice from Elders & Academic education is all a waste of time & shouldn’t be taken seriously.
  19. Meet criminals in jail who are on the death-row, meet people who are about to die suffering from cancer or tumor or any life threatening diseases, meet families that have handicapped children or members who are dying — this will give you a perspective on what life truly is all about.
  20. Never smoke, drink alcohol, do drugs or surround yourself with useless individuals. Keep away from them as you would keep away from snakes.

Loy Machedo

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