20 Pieces Of Advice For A 20 Year Old

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One of the most popular questions I get asked by youngsters is “What one important advice would you give me so that I can achieve success faster/better/easier?”

Now even though there is no such ‘fool-proof’ advice or strategy, I do know a few which I would have personally wished someone would have told me when I was young.

So here are 20 pieces of advice I would wish someone had told me when I was in my 20’s.

  1. Get yourself a World Class Mentor
  2. Develop a habit of reading. Read 100 pages of a International Best Seller every single day
  3. When driving, waiting before a meeting, cleaning the house or walking — always listen to a educational audio. It will make your time productive.
  4. Have a Morning Routine that you stick to no matter what.
  5. Master the art of yoga & meditation
  6. Practice & Master the art of Public Speaking, Verbal Communication, Written Communication, Sales & Negotiations
  7. Work for someone amazing & incredible — even if it is for free. And when working, work more than 12 hours a day in your chosen career.
  8. There should be no holidays or off days until you are in your 30’s.
  9. Question everything that is communicated to you as the ultimate truth — from Religion, to God to good & bad. Ask for evidence & play the devils advocate
  10. Keep away from people of your age and hang around with people twice your age
  11. NEVER EVER smoke, drink, do drugs or join gangs
  12. Save 20% of your income every month no matter what
  13. Do not under any circumstance get a Tattoo
  14. Always say YES to further education. If your parents are willing to sponsor your education until a Ph.D — go for it. However go for a world-class university somewhere in Canada, UK, USA or Australia
  15. If you can migrate asap to any country in the Western Hemisphere where they offer you citizenship, rights & privileges
  16. Absolutely say no to marriage. You are not ready for it
  17. Join organizations where they develop your communication & leadership skills
  18. This is the age make calculated risks & mistakes. Make more mistakes, take more risks. However, do not be reckless about this fact and do anything to the extreme.
  19. If you know more international languages, your capacity to succeed and make more money increases exponentially.
  20. Whatever success you enjoy at this age is worthless, pointless and useless. Never feel proud about it or feel great. Consistency is the key. And whatever you have achieved now — magnify that 100 times more. That should be the level at which you should be yes — this is good enough. Until then — put your head down and work.

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