19 Strategies To Boost Your Personal Brand In 2019

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  1. MONEY IS GOD! (If you disagree read point #19)
    What was your financial target for 2018?
    How much did you achieve?
    Why did/didn’t you achieve your target?
    What is your financial target for 2019.
    What is your monthly target?
    What is your weekly target?
    What is your daily target?
  2. Who are the people you need to get rid off in your life?
  3. Who is your new Mentor for 2019?
    Or if its your old mentor — what are your new Personal Branding Strategies for 2019?
  4. What is the something “NEW” that you will bring out to the world in 2019?
  5. Whose ass are you going kick or aim for in 2019?
  6. What is your Social Media strategy for 2019?
  7. What were the mistakes you made in 2018 that you MUST NOT and WILL NOT repeat in 2019?
  8. What were the lessons learnt in 2018 that you can implement in 2019?
  9. What is your budget you are going to allocate on your Personal Brand growth in 2019?
  10. If you had one extra hour a day — what would you spend it on every single day? (Now go and keep one hour a day free and do exactly what you said)
  11. Old is not gold. And the older you get is not wiser for your brand. Either evolve or get outdated. How do you do this?
    Find out who in your line of work is charging more and then figure out ways to charge even more than them
  12. Find out what can you do LESS this year, what can you ELIMINATE, what can you STOP doing so that you have the ability focus MORE time, effort and money on fewer things
  13. What can offer for FREE online/offline that contributes to your Brand value to your target audience?
  14. What do your haters & critics say behind your back which is painful?
  15. What is something NEW & NEVER-DONE-BEFORE that you are going to do this year?
  16. What is the one thing you can do to double your income?
  17. When was the last you updated your profile — online & offline — everything from your signature, your profile description, your images, pictures, posts, the groups you are part of, the subscriptions & everything else? And when will you update them?
  18. Focus on your 80/20
    The value of a Personal Brand is the amount of value he gives his end clients and the amount of money he makes. If you earn less or zero through your personal brand and your clients don’t give you value — can you call yourself a Personal Brand?
    That is why ensure your end clients value you & your brand.
    And for that reason focus on ensuring your Brand shows a perceived value (and delivers)

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