13 Ugly Facts Of The Corporate World No One Tells You

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  1. No matter how much you work —Remember, work never ends. So why work more than what is required?
  2. Your company gave you a Certificate of Appreciation?
    Don’t get too excited.
    Certificates of Appreciation mean nothing
  3. So you are the Regional Director for Business Communications?
    Corporate titles without monetary benefits to follow mean nothing.
    Get it?
  4. Your success in your corporate position is directly linked to how much your boss approves of you or supports you
  5. The day you resign from your company remember — everything you did, contributed and sacrificed for the company — all goes down the drain
  6. When you join a new company — irrespective what you have achieved in the past — you start from a fresh clean new slate. In other words — you are at Zero
  7. Your success in the corporate world is totally dependent on:
    - Who you know
    - How much you know
    - How you manage & leverage on office politics
    - How much your seniors approve of you
    - How much ROI you bring into the company
  8. If you stick to a company for more than 3 years — you are a fool.
  9. If you get the same salary this year as last year — you are a fool.
  10. If you are working in a company that pays you the same income for more number of hours worked & more productivity — you are a fool.
  11. If you do not know how to negotiate and ask for more money — you are a fool.
  12. Your biggest enemy in the office, is the one who is closest to you and knows all your secret. Most probably — it is your colleague.
  13. Work on yourself more than you work on your job.
    When the company kicks your ass out, you wouldn’t bite the dust.

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