11 Strategies To Become An American President

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After Oprah gave her Golden Globe Award Acceptance Speech with the #MeToo Speech, almost immediately the Internet was abuzz with #Oprahforpresident & #Oprah2020

Curious to know what did she say, I checked youtube to hear her speech.

I listened to it for a few seconds, switched it off and wondered — When will our American Brothers & Sisters ever learn their lesson?

You had Barack Obama who came with “Yes, We Can” and “Change We Can Believe In.” — neither of which he was able to deliver due to reasons whatsoever.

Then came The Donald with “Ban Muslims” and “Build a Wall” — neither of which I see happening realistically.

And now we have another sweet-talker in Oprah.

Don’t get me wrong — Oprah is not a bad person. But neither is she a political leader or someone who specializes in policy.

What the Americans don’t seem to understand is that:

  • There is a difference between someone who is an entertainer versus someone who is a politician,
  • There is a difference between someone who can deliver nicely scripted speeches because they have years of experience delivering speeches versus someone who can walk their talk
  • There is a difference between someone whom you feel good about versus someone who can do good for the country

Lately, what we are currently witnessing is the new strategy of chaos, drama & entertainment that has entered the American Political landscape where everyday there is either a tweet or a speech or a off-the-cuff remark given by supposedly ‘the leader of the greatest nation in the world’ that is not only embarrassing but also illogical.

All I see right now is pompous speeches being delivered, fake applause being showered and oh yes, standing ovations after every 1 to 3 paragraphs. It is as if we are do not know this is fake.

Seriously — I mean weren’t we supposed to be more ‘advanced’ today than we were so many years ago? Where has all the commonsense vanished into?

What has happened to the American people?
What has happened to the American nation?
What has happened to the American leadership?

I think, I have realized why people elect someone as their leader or rather on what basis do American elect their Presidents.

This is what I feel is the Criteria to become the POTUS:

  1. Have an incredible Script writer
  2. Have incredible Public Speaking Skills
  3. Have a powerful slogan — 3 words that offer hope, inspiration & something positive in the future
  4. Ensure a powerful PR campaign
  5. Have big names supporting you
  6. Have under the table deals with major corporations (or other nations)
  7. Leak some scandalous information about your competitor
  8. Learn Personal Branding & Positioning (if someone wears blue tie you wear red)
  9. Talk about a trending topic that everyone is worried about
  10. Focus on bringing fear about something that everyone is secretly worried about
  11. Finally, Give amazingly big flowery & powerful promises

I think if you were to do this (provided you were born American, Rich & Well-Connected), the chances of you becoming the American President are incredible high.

So until then, lets continue hearing wonderfully scripted speeches thanks to our unsung heroes — the really talented & well experienced script writers.

Loy Machedo

Written by

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