10 Relationship Rules I Follow

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  1. Never given someone a second chance. If they cheat you once once, the person will do it again.
  2. If a person has a habit of shouting, screaming or raising their hand on you — break off asap. Such people cannot but resort to such behavior that is not normal.
  3. Be slow to get into a relationship.
  4. Be fast to break up a relationship.
  5. Its okay to ‘shop around’ for a worthwhile relationship
  6. Always have a relationship with the mindset that the person can & will break up with you one day. The benefit of this kind of thinking? If they do break up with you — you were always prepared. If they didn’t break up with you — well, nothing to worry about now — is there?
  7. If a person constantly changes or upgrades their phone, their vehicle, their style and their toys — they will also want to constantly change or upgrade their partner
  8. Want to know your partners true character? Meet the parents, the close friends and all those people your partner hangs around with. He/She will be a mirror image of them.
  9. State the worst of the worst rules right in the beginning of the relationships. If the person is happy to accept them — fine. If not, its better to move on.
  10. Money is a one of the biggest reasons why a relationship breaks up and the least looked into component of a relationship.

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