10 Questions I Am Asking Myself Right Now…..

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  1. How can I earn more money per hour in the coming year?
  2. What can I do right now that would make the biggest & most powerful difference in my life?
  3. What more should I delete, remove, and eliminate from my desk, my phone, my imac & my life to make my life simpler?
  4. What my goal for today?
    And have I achieved it?
  5. How do I complete the 3 new courses that I have undertaken to improve my productivity, online marketing skills & online income asap?
  6. How do I make my next $10,000 easily?
  7. Should I brag online about how much money I made this week?
  8. How can I complete this article so that I can start playing my online game uninterrupted for 3 hours?
  9. What’s for dinner?
  10. Where the fuck is my espresso?

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