10 Hidden Benefits Of Getting Dumped

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  1. You are now officially single! You can now get yourself a new partner!
  2. You have now saved yourself from investing more of yourself, your time, your effort, your money, your loyalty and your attention on this person. Imagine what would happen if you kept giving for another 10 years only to have this person dump you then?
  3. You can choose anyone from nearly 3 billion members of the opposite gender!
  4. You have the freedom of being single & doing whatever you want without caring about anyone else thinks or feels.
  5. You can now make a better choice and avoid previous mistakes
  6. You have plenty of time for your hobbies, interests, for developing yourself and re-creating yourself into something new and better. All the money, effort, focus and time can be focused on you and only you
  7. You can do all the crazy, naughty and forbidden stuff that you wanted to do but couldn’t due to being in a relationship
  8. The silence, the privacy, the self-reflection & self-realization that one can achieve by being with oneself alone is priceless
  9. Every break up makes you mentally, emotionally & physically stronger. Gives you a better sense of yourself to rise every time you fall and makes you more confident that you can try again
  10. The fact is we always learn from our mistakes, make better choices and lead happier lives through our past. Consider this that chance to make your life better, happier & one that resonates with you.

I say all this because I’m in my 40’s and I have had more breakup & divorces to last me a lifetime. And when I look back at it now, I am so glad those breakups took place!

Trust me — in another few years, when you look back on your breakup, you will be glad it happened!

Loy Machedo

Written by

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