10 Creative Strategies To Deal With Online Trolls, Haters & Keyboard Warriors

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Given that I have roughly around 300,000 followers, fans, friends who follow me, read my content, watch my videos and at times interact with me — it is not uncommon for me to receive around 5 to 10 hate messages per day. And I don’t blame my haters or trolls. Most of my content is very opinionated & controversial. So obviously I would have to bear the brunt of equally strong opinionated people. However, some of them have nothing else to do but send you hate, troll you and bully you.

But I have learnt to deal with them very effectively and I thought — why not share some of the strategies with you also? So here are some of the strategies I have adopted to deal with Online Trolls, Haters & Keyboard Warriors. See what technique works best for you.

10 Creative Strategies To Deal With Online Trolls, Haters & Keyboard Warriors

  1. I like their comment (on youtube I click like + love)
  2. I give them positive words or compliments
  3. I give them a response that is totally not related to what they said (what do you think is the binary equation for mercury?)
  4. I thank them
  5. I give them a really bad insulting response but one laced with humor
  6. I practice giving them creative one-liners — helps me improve my creative thinking
  7. I prompt them to give me more (example — is that all you got? or anything else?)
  8. I piss them off by getting personal or say something very hurtful and allow them to go on and on — while I focus on doing other important things in life. Isn’t it nice to know that person is spending all his time, energy & effort in hating me?
  9. I make them write a LONG drawn out response and then I delete their comment and ask them to write one again.
  10. I use their responses to create another video or article. Love the free ideas.

So try these techniques out and see what works best for you!

Loy Machedo

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