10 Business Thoughts Worth Sharing

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  1. When having important work — totally and completely avoid interruptions of any kind — that especially includes Emails, Notifications, Social Media, Calls & Meetings. Start your day with that super-important task & focus only on that ONE task. And until you complete that task — don’t change the channel.
  2. Between Time & Money — The most important resource is Time. Then comes money. Prioritize your life that way.
    If you have doubts — remind yourself:
    Money comes & Money goes.
    And you can make money.
    But once time goes.
    End of story.
  3. When dealing with a client — learn to respect yourself first.
    Don’t give the client so much importance that you lose value yourself.
  4. Silence & solitude are the most important ingredients for productivity
  5. Confused?
    Don’t know what to do next?
    Sometimes it helps more to have someone elder than you, more mature than you and more accomplished than you are advice you on what you should do.
  6. If something is constantly bothering you and you are procrastinating it — means that is the most important thing you should be doing. The reason you are not — is because it is important but something that pushes you out of your comfort zone.
  7. If someone or something is bothering you — draw the line.
    And then ensure they never cross it.
  8. Sometimes the best answer is:
    - No
    - I don’t know but I will find the answer
    - I will not take this anymore
    - I quit
  9. When you try something new, you will make mistakes. And that is exactly how you learn. So go ahead — try something new and make some educated mistakes.
  10. When making a deal between someone exceptionally talented but not manageable versus someone not-so-talented by manageable — make the decision based on YOUR personality & capacity. Because end of the day YOU are the one who has to manage & deal with this person.

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